Privacy Violations are impossible because no privacy data exists. The identity of a driver is never known.

Who We Are and What We Do

IX Group, Inc. was founded to provide: Instant, Accurate, Non-Invasive Insurance Verification and Compliance. Because the system is automatic, non-invasive and both intrastate and interstate, it is the only method that can link to ALPR, (Automatic License Plate Recognition) and similar technologies and, both fully support law enforcement in their role of protecting the Public but also fully protect privacy.

This solution is the only answer ever developed that solves these problems and it is proprietary. All other systems have only unreliable data or, are limited to a single insurer.

This unique, instant verification system benefits every person and every organization associated with motor vehicle insurance, including Policyholders, Drivers, State and Local Law Enforcement, Vehicle Registration, Insurance Commissioners, their staffs and the Courts.

We have operations around the Nation and the Group is represented throughout Europe and in the Caribbean.

Our President is Jonathan Miller and our Secretary is Michael McGrey. Directors include James Koetje, Andrew Fox, Rowland Day, Jonathan Miller and Michael McGrey. IX Group is a Member-Partner of the National Public Safety Consortium. Consortium Members have offices in every U.S. State and operate in 183 Nations. Collectively, Consortium Members had earnings in 2014 of well over $97 billion, and just over one million employees.