Dramatically reduces insurance fraud…by eliminating back-dated policies/premium diversion, and many forms of repair, title, registration, “ghost rider” and jurisdictional rate scams, dramatically lowering insurer losses

The Benefits Include

Smart Town offers many dramatic benefits to government (especially to law enforcement, vehicle registration and the courts). It also greatly benefits the public, insurance agents, vehicle and healthcare insurers, credit unions and banks, and many other organizations and groups involved with vehicle insurance.

Law Enforcement – Law Enforcement is provided with a complete support system that takes over the burden of dealing with compliance issues, allowing them to focus instead on critical needs. If a traffic stop is made at an accident site however, instant on-screen insurance status (VALID/INVALID/No Record–Possibly Fraudulent) is provided automatically for both intrastate and interstate vehicles.

Vehicle Registration – Current status is checked instantly with or without an insurance ID card. This applies to counter/in-person, mail-in and electronic applications. No insurance means no registration. Additionally, there is no requirement for the issuance and costs associated with registration stickers. Status is always known and both government and the public greatly benefit.

Courts – Any telephone, computer, or PDA can provide Courts with instant status for the date of trial, the date of citation and then automatically, for the date prior to the citation to identify a policy having been “back-dated”. It also provides periods of coverage and much more.

Automated Systems – Totally different from red light or speeding camera systems, this solution is entirely non-invasive. The driver of a vehicle is never known. It does however, identify if a vehicle is or is not in compliance with the law. The Smart Town link delivers results that can provide no-tax/no-fee/no-risk results capable of generating hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues for large population states…while making privacy violations impossible.

Insurance Companies – Smart Town provides the opportunity to dramatically reduce fraud by eliminating many of its causes. It also provides increased efficiency and service to existing policyholders thus substantially reducing other costs while providing a dramatic increase in insurer revenues and greatly reduced pay-outs.

State and Local Government – At this time of financial shortfalls, almost nothing can do more to support the financial needs of government than this solution. While the focus is on officer safety and greatly enhanced public safety, revenues from a no-tax/no-fee/no-risk solution are also important to taxpayers and voters. This solution provides the tools for law enforcement, DMVs, courts, insurance departments and others to do their jobs with greater professionalism, while removing all uncertainty.

Officers, DMV staff and others cease being the targets of often irate people trying to register or drive without insurance. This is no longer a burden for government as status is always and only directly controlled by insurers. Government can benefit from dramatically increased revenues, (additional citations, premium tax and business tax), while ensuring that streets and roads are far safer. This is the only interstate system. It is the only accurate system and the only system for use by Law Enforcement everywhere. It is the only way to do accurate e-registration and mail-in registration. For countless reasons, this is the Nation’s true answer to the problems associated with uninsured vehicles.

The Public – This new system offers safer roads, lower insurance rates, improved government and insurance service and far more convenience.

Checking Insurance Status – Anyone can check the status of a vehicle’s insurance at any time using only a telephone or computer.

Purchasing a Vehicle – Insurance status can be checked and verified instantly, before a test drive and before transferring title. This is a real-time system, enabling registration with purchase.

Purchasing Insurance – Insurance purchase is faster and easier. A secure binder number is produced automatically on behalf of the insurer and agent involved to verify the transaction, thus eliminating confusion and fraud. This also enables instant and accurate registration.