This accurate, yet totally non-invasive solution fully supports law enforcement, providing no-cost services to both government and the public

Our Services

We offer a complete solution to all problems associated with identifying uninsured vehicles and ensuring compliance.

  • It is completely non-invasive. It cannot receive, maintain or use privacy data. The driver’s identity is never known.
  • It is completely accurate. Insurance status is real-time and is always and only exactly what the insurer of record says it is. Control of status reported is totally under insurer control and cannot be modified.
  • It provides dramatic benefits for policyholders, including: far safer streets, better insurance service, lower rates and more convenience with insurance purchase. This system provides a public portal so that everyone can monitor the fall of the UVR, (Uninsured Vehicle Rate). This system ensures that vehicle insurance will be more affordable.

The system provides dramatic benefits for insurers as well, especially regarding:

  • increased revenues from additional policy volume based on new policy initiations
  • support for automated reporting of failure to maintain coverage in compliance with liens
  • policies that last far longer and cost less to re-initiate and maintain
  • policies that continue to move “up market” and generate increased revenue as more accountable policyholders now drive more responsibly
  • dramatic savings regarding more than a dozen forms of insurance fraud
  • decreased pay-outs for medical and legal costs
  • reduced requirements and costs regarding documentation production and supply
  • savings from now fully-automated government reporting for all jurisdictions.

Smart Town provides dramatic benefits for Insurance Agents, including:

  • dramatically increased volume and revenues
  • Agency and Broker Portals for instant status, reports and many other benefits, including the ability of policyholders to instantly register vehicles
  • far less time spent answering simple “status” questions
  • greatly increased service for policyholders,
  • better policy quality as changing carriers is reduced.

Smart Town provides dramatic benefits for State Governments, including:

  • providing a complete public safety support system backed by some of the largest corporations in the world with collectively, just over one million employees and more experience with these technologies than any other entity on earth.
  • dramatically enhancing safety for Law Enforcement as it removes the last reason for drivers to be searching for documents (status is known before the Officer leaves his or her vehicle)
  • providing many capabilities to law enforcement, court, DMV, DOT and DOI staff,
  • providing dramatically enhanced revenues from increased citations, premium tax, and other sources,
  • requiring no new software or equipment purchases. Modifications for each government division or agency involved should be accomplished in one or at most, two days and are always done at no additional charge.

Law Enforcement never pays for any service and neither do insurers. This system benefits everyone involved, except for those who seek to circumvent the law. This is the only way to know the status of insurance policies to the very second. Any alternative delivers old and inaccurate or at best, questionable information or data during limited hours and for only one insurer.

Smart Town supports vehicle purchase by providing exact insurance status at the time of transfer and the use of a unique binder.

This solution provides automated lien reporting, can link First Responders and Emergency Rooms with vehicle insurance status, eliminate the need for registration stickers, and provide a totally secure VPN, (Virtual Private Network) for States with County Commissioners or others whose staff  members handle vehicle registrations locally.