The Support Network is available in English and Spanish 24 hours each day and 7 days a week

Support Network

NLETS, founded in 1966, has never once been compromised and is considered the most secure law enforcement system in the world. Owned, controlled and a legal extension of each State Government, it is connected to every State Law Enforcement Agency and then, to every local agency and officer in the U.S., to every DMV, (Department of Motor Vehicles), and supports also each State’s court system. Today, it handles over 1.6 billion transactions annually and uptime exceeds 99.997%. The solution we offer is hosted, powered and fully connected to NLETS. In addition, the Smart Town System ensures that full support is provided via the internet and also an automated telephone system that includes both IVR, (Interactive Voice Response) and TTL, (Touch Tone Interface). A full, technical Help Desk is also provided “24/7.”

Several other types of support are available as well, depending on the choices of the individual State or Province. For example: on-line support, secure portals for every Agent and Insurer, informative seminars, media and press kits, and more…contact us to advise how we might best assist your efforts.